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Which animal would you compare yourself to and why?

In my readings I was able to locate some fact about my spirit animal that I would like to share with you as well before explains my connection to this animal…..

The Horse as your totem animal represents freedom above all else.

The horse is a majestic animal that embodies the spiritual power of independence, freedom, nobleness, endurance, confidence, triumph, heroism and competition. Its symbol is associated with strength, courage and freedom. The horse figures in various cultures, history, mythology and folklore where it’s known to have helped humans travel along tiresome and difficult paths. For 5,000 years, the horse has been an ever-present ally in war and peace. Civilizations have risen and fallen on their backs and evidence of the horse’s use is everywhere to be seen.

Horses are a universal symbol of freedom without restraint, as horse riding makes people feel they can free themselves from their own limitations and float into adventure, movement and desire. Today, its spirit aids us in discovering the world around us and the universe within ourselves. It’s spirit also gives us the inner motivational power to move forward, succeed in our ventures and become the best version we can become.

As for me this description hits the nail on the head! I have worked with horses since the age of 3 years old. It is for sure in my blood, yet drawn to me with the most perry’s connection, understanding and want to advocate for THE HORSE on many different levels. I state at times that they are a Mirror of your personality. When in-fact so, however they also guide us with the creators love, vision, patience, And understandings. And for some that can be seeing a horse from a far. For me, be able to connect with a beautiful creature as the horse goes so much deeper. The Horse was my solid ground when no one else was around. They all were my greatest teachers. Especially as a child whom longed to be loved. They were my silent parents. The horses in my journey guided me to believe in my own strength by seeing this gift through competing, and teaching others their gifts too! I had the honor to see how the horse heals the lost, the physically challenged, mentally, and the ones that just had the desire to learn because of their love. which in return the Horse loves love, and understands it. Having an off day, the Horse will take you BREATH and show you the pure ness and gift they give by simply being just them! FOR ME I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR THEE!!!! 🫶🏼

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