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Walking One with Nature

What activities do you lose yourself in?

I wouldn’t say Loosing myself in but rather finding myself. I find peace, Joy, & Love calming me as I explore the outdoors of this beautiful Universe. My respect for the sounds, feels, and just all around noises. From energies crossing of laughter, even from non human form yet natures beautiful birds singing, the breeze blowing and the amazing sightings of the universe creatures. From all around its is where I find my peace.

In the readings this morning I would love to share with you why I find myself in these magical moments….

I have found that nature is one of the purest forms of sights to see. All natural, nothing man made about it and to me, that is where I find my inner peace.

Walking has become one of my favorite activities. Where I truly do for my Joy. and in that Joy walking has taught me and signifies signifies to advance with a steady step, but also to augment a moderate pace until it acquires rapidity. At times I will wog( my verbiage of a slow jog walk) lol- which has taught me to care for my health. placing clarity that this vehicle we ride with on this realm of earth is truly important and worthy of self love and CARE. With out loving your self you can fall short of the abundantly above and beyond blessing that the eye can see through the universe of the lovely outside nature and nurture that is needed for our time here. I will always be grateful for what my activity has blessed me with. Life is a gift, Love is the root of all doors. I don’t loose myself in activities, yet find my meaning and purpose 🫶🏼

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