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What is one word that describes you?

Paroxusmos, has been a gift I have had the honor of utilizing in all divine times of my moments in this realm. It has taught me to survive , thrive, stay on track, and never quit! It is the most magical skill I feel, that opens the blessings from our Universe and Creator.

When I was young (still am however, more like vine wine at this stage😎)…. I had so many moments that were challenging, so sad for a child to endure, scary, and lonelyMy parents tried their best, however fell short like most once we stopped attending service on Sundays and gathering with our family that infact brought us over to the USA. My parents became one of their own paths, putting their self needs before the family. this showed me to motivate and focus on tasks that put me in survival mode. gave me spark to adapt and over come. Gave me meaning to why focus on the good even i. the darkest of days. Have inspiration with in yourself, bc U are the one person that will be your constant.

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