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Yirah, I’d say!

How has technology changed your job?

The fear – yirah – of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom…” (Proverbs 9:10)

Technology and I have a respect for one another. Fascinating to say the least! My son is a type 1 diabetic. His day to day life relies on technology to help correct and save his life being that he is a high risk for Low in glucose. The devices that he wears are able to read his blood glucose around the clock, it then is able to dose him insulin to regulate around the clock as his pancreas failed completely after having Covid a year and a half ago. So we are still adapting and over coming the triumphs and struggles. However the technology has made this disease sustainable .where back in the 1950s there was zero survival rate for a person with type 1 diabetes! Forever grateful to the inventor of the diabetic devices!

So with that being said I have a lot of respect for technology, however I found recently I was using the information research on the internet all wrong. Which stopped me from fully understanding the word of our creator and the beautiful facts of our gorgeous universe. That’s all do to the ugly side of technology that acts as a horrible side track to the non important words. This is where one can struggle. Our children struggle with the false facts verses loosing the word of our creator.

aim my readings today I would like to share with you, the word REPENT. Which means simply to regret something or feel guilty about our actions. This can easily happen when looking on the technology of the internet .

But the Hebrew word we translate as ‘repentance’ has a much deeper meaning.

Teshuva is more than a feeling of guilt or regret — this Hebrew word comes from the verb ‘to return’.

Repentance is not a state of mind, but a decision and a course of action. It is deciding to turn away from where you are headed and moving back toward God.

“Even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart …” (Joel 2:12)

The process of repentance makes sense only if there is a place we can return to. And that was made possible thanks to Jesus, our Messiah. He opened the doors for us to return to the Father.

Thank you. I truly enjoy writing and sharing words with you! 🫶🏼


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