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adapted not by choice but by grace.

How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 is highlighting serious deficiencies in our existing system. An effective response to this is likely to require radical social change. I have argued that it requires a drastic move away from markets and the use of profits as the primary way of organizing an economy (Mair 2020).

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea (Revelations 21:1 KJV).

My son, Cj suffered tremendously at just the age of 6 yrs old from Covid. My children and so were living in New Jersey at the time when the COVID 19 hit . The strain was potent. causing Cj to suffer with severe symptoms. After covid, and thinking we had beaten the virus. It in-fact killed his pancreas, causing him to be full blown type 1 diabetic Insulin dependent around the clock. It was awful. We found out by him almost loosing his life to DKA(diabetic keto acidosis)- from that point on it was adapting and overcoming everyday every minute. Cj now fights and is a true warrior where he is high risk for lows. meaning he drops super fast and although he is in great technology to read his sugars around the clock, technology can not keep up. Tending to fall behind 15 minutes and also 29pts of with sugar readings. Scary is an understatement. However we adapt and over come everyday, and Cj is one of the most genuinely skilled little man, animal lover, & athlete i’ve ever know . So for my son who teaches his sisters and I that yes Covid is awful, it has changed our life forever , we still wake up, pray everyday, live an incredible blessed life even in the darkest days because those tough triumphs are just moments! Blessings in life is the true story. our creator guides the way and Cj inspires night and day!


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