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Write a note about yesterday.


Yesterday’s Easter holiday was a day filled with joy, love, and wonder as my three children and two friends celebrated the day together. As a single mother, I was determined to make the day special for my little ones and their friends, who also love the Creator and adore magic.

We started the day with an Easter egg hunt in the yard. I had hidden eggs around the house and yard the night before, (200 stuffed eggs 🤦‍♀️🫶🏼)…. and the kids were eager to find them. As they searched for the eggs, their faces lit up with excitement and wonder. It was a joy to see them so happy and carefree.

After the egg hunt, we sat down for a special Easter breakfast together. I had prepared pancakes, and eggs, and we enjoyed a leisurely meal while discussing the meaning of Easter and the importance of faith in our lives. We talked about the Creator and how the Easter story reflects values such as love, forgiveness, and compassion. as well as even in the times where we feel are rock bottom, Easter is symbolic for re birth, renew, conquer and over come. It was a beautiful moment!

The story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection symbolizes for us all that no matter the level of pain you experience, there is a chance to rise again. We all know that we get what we focus on, and Easter is an opportunity to focus on rebirth.

Once breakfast was over, we spent the rest of the day playing games, reading stories, and watching movies. The kids were thrilled to receive Easter baskets filled with treats and small gifts, and they spent the afternoon playing with their new toys.

Throughout the day, we continued to discuss the Creator and the meaning of Easter. We shared our own personal beliefs and experiences, and listened to each other with respect and understanding.

As the day came to a close, I tucked my children into bed and said a prayer of thanks for the blessings of the day. It was a day filled with love, joy, and wonder, and I felt grateful for the opportunity to share the magic of Easter with my children and their friends. The memories of our special Easter celebration will stay with us for years to come. Their friends had never celebrated an Easter

like my kids and I do. It was special to know they too will remember this day!

🫶🏼The Egg Hunt🫶🏼

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