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Never Ending Story for me…..

If you could be a character from a book or film, who would you be? Why?

Atreyu is one of the main characters in the movie “The NeverEnding Story”. He is a young warrior from the Plains People tribe who is chosen by the Childlike Empress to embark on a quest to save the land of Fantasia from the Nothing, a dark force that is destroying everything in its path.

Atreyu is brave, resourceful, and determined, and he faces many challenges and dangers on his journey. He is accompanied by his loyal horse, Artax, and he meets many other creatures along the way, including Falkor the Luckdragon and the Rockbiter.

Throughout the movie, Atreyu learns important lessons about courage, friendship, and the power of imagination.

Atreyu himself does not possess any magical powers in the movie “The NeverEnding Story”. However, he is chosen by the Childlike Empress to embark on a quest to save the land of Fantasia, and he is aided by many magical creatures and objects along the way.

For example, Atreyu is given a medallion by the Childlike Empress that protects him from harm, and he is helped by Falkor the Luckdragon, who has the power of flight and can breathe fire. Atreyu also encounters other magical creatures, such as the giant turtle Morla and the Sphinx-like creature known as Ygramul the Many.

So while Atreyu himself does not have magical powers, he is surrounded by magic throughout his journey and is able to accomplish great things with the help of his friends and allies.

This to me can be shared with all walks of life, all souls whom are lost. We can all be someone’s magical creature when their Magic is not yet foreseen. 💚💚💚

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