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Awe, is what I can say when relating to what makes me nervous~

What makes you nervous?

Heyyyy! so I’ve learned in todays writings the true meaning of nervous . of course we all know the around abouts of nervous tendencies, but when I looked deeper and went back to the root of the word, I found some interesting soulful facts. He is some of my findings I would like to share 🙂

What does Yirah mean?

The Hebrew word translated into ‘awe’ in the Bible is yirah (יראה, pronounced yir-ah). It often directly translates into fear, like “fear of the Lord,” but it can also mean respect, reverence, and worship. But, make no mistake about it, yirah is strongly connected to ‘trembling’. Now some may think I am a religious decent of Judaism , which in a nut shell I am just learning the root to all words and studying our amazing father and creator of this universe. however, topic for another day~ as we are all from hebrew souls if that makes sense 😎 Any how…… to go depose into this,

You most likely have your own vision of ‘awe’ which is personal to you. It could be a special, personal memory or a loved one. The miracle of birth up close renders us speechless, and the reality of death as we experience loss is enough to shake all our confidence and poise. We learn how little we actually know and understand, and the experience fills us with fear and trembling… it fills us with yirah – awe.

So for me, a lot of everyday moments bring me some sort of awe…. I am a single mom of 3 youngsters. One being a type 1 diabetic~ AWE, moments happen on a regular but I remember it’s just a moment and this too shall pass. Now having the understanding of positive vibes, universe code, the creator hearing my prayers ect, I make my Awe moments just that, A MOMENT, that too shall pass and we shall keep rocking on 🫶🏼🙌🏼 Thanks for reading ~

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