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Wear, decoded word of the oldest ROOT term…. to confirm ;)

So I decided to take a diffrent approach on todays topic. as I look at the wardrobe I am wearing it confirms of different ages , which led me away from the materialistic root and decided to elaborate on the ROOT word. Now bare in mind I am a believer of omnism .
I would like to share the ROOT term I have learned for wear,

KJV:done, caused, not, fell, required, committed, lasted, Be, so, altogether, be, came…; NAS:qualify, lies, caused, held, come, form, happens, has, take, turned, took, gone…; HCS:; ESV:, [or] be, so that you will be, they made, and let them be, but I have, there is, And at, may befall, were [there], You are to be, What remains will be…; BSB:left, there was, done, caused, has, vary, fell, When, required, belong, lasted, overcome…; WEB:there was, We will be, done, It happened, It will be, caused, It will happen, is of, that happened to us, we would have been, fell, should be…;
Sharing a beautiful story to continue the meaning in a story tale way… Hope you enjoy!!!
Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Rachel who loved to wear beautiful dresses. She would spend hours picking out the perfect outfit for each day, carefully selecting the colors and patterns that would make her feel confident and happy.
One day, Rachel’s family decided to take a trip to Israel. Rachel was thrilled to visit the country she had heard so much about, and she couldn’t wait to see all the sights and sounds of this new place.
As soon as they arrived, Rachel noticed that the people in Israel had a unique sense of style. They wore bright colors and bold patterns, and they seemed to have a confidence that Rachel had never seen before.
Inspired by the fashion of Israel, Rachel decided to try something new. She went to a local market and found a beautiful dress that was unlike anything she had ever worn before. It was made of a soft, flowing fabric and had intricate embroidery that sparkled in the sunlight.
Rachel put on the dress and felt like a new person. She walked through the streets of Israel with her head held high, feeling confident and beautiful in her new outfit.
From that day on, Rachel continued to wear clothes that made her feel confident and happy. She learned that fashion was not just about following trends, but about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin. And she knew that she would always remember the Hebrew word for “wear” as a reminder of the day she discovered her own unique sense of style.

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